I need to write you,
to capture on paper all that pierces me,
all that runs through me like a strainer
of tiny reticules that filters despite it opacity.

I need you, the one who lives on my moon,
to enter my core of nerves,
to break open the dull calm,
enervating my being.

I need my North Pole
to turn towards the South,
in a wild dance of battered spikes
whipped by the West wind.

Because, even not knowing what will become of me,
I would not leave the desire living in ignorance,
letting a pitiful soul unable to forget
what was not lived.

I need to feel you,
I need to love you,
to forget you…
I need to live you.


No trace left

No trace left on that deserted beach,
no trace left of the nudity
holding the desire in the water.
It seems even the shells have gone
because there is nothing to look at.

The tears that were shed in a love that was shared
are dry of emotion now.
No longer will they ruin our coffee.

But, today will be when I let my hair down
so the air undoes the knots you made with your name,
taking them where my coldness lives.
Because you will not be part of my skin,
never more will your desire get under my dress.

No trace left on that deserted beach.
Like a hurricane destroying all in its reach,
you left it empty in a sudden and foolish way.

But, when you come back and I know you will,
you wont ever forget
what the water once held
and then its salt will sting you
for everything you lost.


I need the air

How deep am I?
Where are you keeping me?

I don’t know how I am still breathing in your salty water.
Perhaps, seeing the light outside keep me inmortal in your drowning.

I know you don’t want me to leave hurting me the way you are holding me.
And I tell you something that perhaps you overlook. It could be possible
that I want to be here but never living in a cycle, because I like to float
feeling the air as the freedom that I need.
I want the beauty continues hurting me when I admire it, and feel the water
wet me without immersing my smile, which you liked so much.

I would like to be inside you so many countless times…..
but I need to see the way to return to my own individuality
in which I feed my dreams, those should be sacred for you and everyone.
I would feel the love you give me at the level of your lips
but with total freedom, without necessity.

There is a short time for me inside you,
please break the ties, don’t sink me to the bottom.
Look at me now while you can
and don’t let me see the void because you kill me.

I have little time left….


The Blue Horizon

Last night, I had a nice dream -I dreamed about the sea.  When I woke up this morning, I could still see myself sitting on the shore gazing at the line that separates it from the sky, that perfect limit drawn between blue tones.

The sea, poetry in continuos movement full of verses of war and peace; with fantastic beings -rare habitants in the depth- and beautiful marine fauna; plenty of loves dreamed or experienced, of stories of survival or death, risks achieved, an intense energy.
So many stories dwelling at the bottom of the sea and therefore, silenced.

I was lucky enough to meet you when I was a child, becoming aware of your essence when I was able to start walking on my own two feet. I would mark the sand with my fingerprints, which you would erase when you came to greet me, doing magic.
I am sure that to me, you would be like a huge bathtub with plenty of salty blue water, until the perspective of my retina became higher and more profound, discovering that perfect line.
From that moment, the possibility of approaching it someday became a silent seduction for me.

Every year, during the summer, I went to visit you and I always enjoyed thinking about your horizon. My visual perception insisted on setting a real limit -despite the knowledge I already had about your reality- behind which would be the emptiness of infinity.

But, finally the day arrived when I could sail your waters on a beautiful sailboat, knowing that this limit was as immeasurable as you were deep, and perhaps for this reason, you wanted to flood all my laughter with the iodine of a tremendous swell with which you received the wind that came to provoke you, even to beg you for some warmth.

I felt very small but, at the same time, I could feel free, strong and wild as I’d never felt before, so if I’d wanted you since I was a child, from this moment I started to love you.

Next summer, when I see you again from an unknown shore, perhaps I will want to write my destiny on this line that made me draw you in the first place…on your blue horizon.