Lovers of life

Sex is sex, just like war is always war. And in war there are winners and losers, just as in sex there are people who really enjoy themselves, those that are evil, and those that are lost. These ones, perhaps many.

People who are looking for arms to feel the heat that makes us feel alive. But are they looking for it from the hand of intelligence? I don’t know. The lost ones tend to harbor fear, and with fear there is no freedom nor sex with intelligence.
The evil ones may believe that they use it, but since their goals are only their self-satisfaction: it is better to let them believe that they are great in their limited sense….they would know!

So, is it there anybody who uses intelligence for mutual enjoyment?
Yes, the lovers of life. Because, they know how to feed the desire of the other skin and therefore, their increasing their own; because, where they put a word, they stop to listen to an answer. Where thy caress, they observe a reaction. Because, when they kiss, they have enough memory to hold the pleasure they are capable of giving. And they give it over and over enjoying how the capacity to feel is nourished.
Having feelings for another, making room for another, sewing the desire with small stitches.

A desire that incites a greater one, an intelligent journey for what they call sex between two. Of course, a game of fabulous pleasure that you could fall in love with.



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