Porto, a city of contrasts

Again, life gave me the chance, because this time it was not my intention, to travel alone.

I keep thinking: it’s enriching to do it feeling everything around, but, when you open your mind, you can see yourself in another world and this stirs you to the core; you’ll do things that you would not do in your comfort zone, so you have to take into account that you may be vulnerable.

Particularly, I feel so small and so grateful at the same time when I have the opportunity to escape from my bubble. I am a person who tends to laugh and cry when I see beauty, the beauty that I want to capture with my own eyes; who enjoys wearing away my own jaw tasting all the flavours I can get my hands on; who likes to walk where others walked, loved, fought and who knows…

It is just that, travelling is to discover, to conquer by winning or losing at the same time, which empties you of or fills you with new sensations.

And Oporto was my new destination this time: a city of contrasts of color and light in which your sight may be caught hanging. It’s wonderful whether sunny or cloudy; it’s both vintage and modern.

The city has two promenades, one in Oporto and the other one in Gaia, to stroll along while you lose track of time. It has colorful houses that erase the grey from your body; another long walk from Foz do Douro to Matosinhos that spikes the iodine in your blood. Wonderful friendly people who are generous with their time, and lots of culinary delights to ruin your figure with while you are there.

One problem: Oporto is trendy now and during high seasons it’s packed. There are people who don’t mind crowds, but this overwhelms me. For this reason, my choice to stay in Foz do Douro was a fantastic idea because there are more seagulls than people and you have the bus right at the door of the apartment, so I am sure I will go back again.

There are also less known and more picturesque neighborhoods like Miragaia that, in my opinion, deserve more time despite their hills.

Surely, this is a city to revisit, to experience more than once.

Tie me down in your water, in the middle of the saltpeter and the wind, and let me contemplate you until night falls and the sky wants to be my roof.





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