I need the air

How deep am I?
Where are you keeping me?

I don’t know how I am still breathing in your salty water.
Perhaps, seeing the light outside keep me inmortal in your drowning.

I know you don’t want me to leave hurting me the way you are holding me.
And I tell you something that perhaps you overlook. It could be possible
that I want to be here but never living in a cycle, because I like to float
feeling the air as the freedom that I need.
I want the beauty continues hurting me when I admire it, and feel the water
wet me without immersing my smile, which you liked so much.

I would like to be inside you so many countless times…..
but I need to see the way to return to my own individuality
in which I feed my dreams, those should be sacred for you and everyone.
I would feel the love you give me at the level of your lips
but with total freedom, without necessity.

There is a short time for me inside you,
please break the ties, don’t sink me to the bottom.
Look at me now while you can
and don’t let me see the void because you kill me.

I have little time left….



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